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Helicopter Groundschool is an ATO (approved training organisation) offering a full range of distance learning courses for the helicopter category. The training centre is approved by the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority, according to the European EASA standards. 



Ben Vanhentenrijk is Head of Training at Helicopter Groundschool, and theoretical knowledge instructor for most of the courses. 


Ben started in 2009 as theoretical knowledge instructor at the Belgian Air Force, teaching ATPL(A) and ATPL(H) subjects. In 2014, he started at the Belgian offshore operator NHV as instructor and gave lectures for the AOC and the ATO. On his curriculum: type rating theory for the AS365 N2 and N3 Dauphin, and the EC155 B1. During the past years, he worked for several training partners, mostly as freelance theoretical knowledge instructor. Customers include offshore oil & gas operators, federal police, armed forces, and private helicopter owners.


During the years, he noticed a lack of ATPL(H) theory training in Europe. There are a few other ATOs in Europe, but based on the number of revision courses and supplemental tuition he had to give, Ben decided to start his own helicopter theory training ATO in 2019.


After a summer of hard manuals-writing labour, Helicopter Groundschool was approved in September 2019. The latest update to the ATO was the addition of the ATPL(H)/VFR theoretical knowledge course in 2022.


Ben is flight instructor (H) and works as an independent expert for EASA as well.



In the first place, because HGS is a helicopter training centre. We don’t offer aeroplane courses, only helicopter courses, here! During the group sessions, you will meet other helicopter pilots and helicopter students only.

At HGS we don’t aim for the high quantity, but we aim for the high quality. Small groups, a limited number of students, and each individual is challenged to score the best possible.


Ben Vanhentenrijk
Head of Training 



Helicopter Groundschool is the ATO name, and is part

of Benedict Aviation BV, a Belgium based aviation company.

VAT number is BE 0628.930.479.




View our ATO approval certificate here.

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