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CPL(H) modular theoretical knowledge training


The EASA CPL(H) modular theoretical knowledge training is a distance learning course at which the student is prepared to participate at and to pass the official CPL(H) theoretical knowledge exams.


A distance learning course means that the student studies most of the course material at home and takes part in a few days of (mandatory!) brush-up sessions. The study material is divided into 19 self-study weeks of 15 hours. Each week is concluded by a progress test. 


The total amount of hours for the CPL(H) theoretical knowledge training is 342 hours, including progress tests, 5 brush-up days and the new Area 100 Knowledge, Skills and Attitude exercises and assessments. The course is divided into three modules.


Module 1 comprises the category specific subjects like Airframe and Systems, Instrumentation, Mass and Balance, Helicopter Performance, Operational Procedures and Helicopter Principles of Flight. 


Module 2 comprises Meteorology, Human Performance, and Communications.


Module 3 groups the remaining subjects: General Navigation, Radio Navigation, Flight Planning and Monitoring, Air Law, and the preparation for the both Area 100 KSA assessments.


The course fee includes the weekly study guide and workbook, the follow-up by the ATO and the brush-up days. Other study material is available for purchase including a paper version of the study material and the General Student Pilot Route Manual.


Module 1 : 8 weeks, and 2 brush-up days

Module 2 : 4 weeks, and 1 brush-up day

Module 3 : 7 weeks, and 2 brush-up days

Total : 20 weeks (according to the Training Manual, but can be adapted to individual needs)



The candidate for the CPL(H) course must be holder of an ICAO PPL(H) license.

Before the start of the course, the candidate must pass the Mathematics and Physics test.


This course must be completed within 18 months.

For credits, please contact us via the contact form.

For an overview of Frequently Asked Questions, please check the FAQ page.



The costs of our courses are listed on the price list page.

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