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The total price of our modular distance learning courses is the sum of two components:


Course fee, which includes the weekly study guide, exercises, progress tests and sample exam questions, theoretical knowledge instructor availability to answer your questions and the brush-up days.


Study material, which includes a paper set of ATPL Helicopter textbooks written by our team of Theoretical Knowledge Instructors or published by third parties, and the General Student Pilot Route Manual. These manuals come in one set of binders so that the student can easily add personal notes, pictures, sample questions, etc. 


We offer the set of paper ATPL Helicopter textbooks at a basic student-friendly price, but students are free to use second-hand books (the correct ones!). The same applies to the GSPRM: you can use a second-hand one from a friend, or buy one yourself in a local pilot shop. 



We do not include a navigation computer in the study material package. We can provide one with a deposit, which is refunded when the navigation computer is returned at the end of the training. Both the navigation computer and the GSPRM are included in our NAV BOX. This box contains all the necessary equipment for your studies and can be provided by a simple request.

PRICES (2023, will be valid until 31/03/2024)


Course fee modular CPL(H) theory : 2900 euro

Course fee modular ATPL(H)/VFR theory : 3200 euro

Course fee modular ATPL(H)/IR theory : 3500 euro

Study material for ATPL(H) and CPL(H) : 950 euro


Course fee modular IR(A/H) theory : 1350 euro

Study material for IR(A/H) : 600 euro


Course fee First ME TR theory : 900 euro

Study material for First ME TR : 480 euro


Extra brush-up day participation : 200 euro per day


These prices do not yet include the VAT applicable in Belgium (21% for the course fee, and 6% for the textbooks).

These prices are based on the full course. For some courses, exemptions are granted and the course fee is less.

Contact us directly for a personal quote if this is the case for you.


Prices subject to change without prior notice.

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