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Pre-entry course for the first type rating on a multi-engine helicopter


The pre-entry course for a first type rating on a single-pilot multi-engine helicopter is a theoretical knowledge course designed for helicopter pilots who have a valid PPL(H) or CPL(H), but no ATPL theory credit, and who want to have a first multi-engine type rating on their license.


Four subjects of the ATPL(H) course have been tailored to multi-engine helicopters: Airframe and Systems, Instrumentation, Mass and Balance, and Helicopter Performance. 


The course is concluded by an in-house theoretical knowledge exam, and a pass on this exam qualifies for a certificate of successful completion. This certificate must be shown to the examiner

at the day of the skill test of the first multi-engine type rating. There is no official exam at a national aviation authority.


The total course duration is 95 hours, which includes 80 hours of distance learning at home and

two days in the classroom with an instructor. The in-house exam is scheduled at the end of the second day.

Some topics of the above mentioned subjects are considered as basic knowledge. To give an example: the altimeter and airspeed indicator are not included in the Instrumentation course, because there is no significant difference between a single-engine and a multi-engine helicopter.

But the pitot-static system is much more developed so it is included in the course.


Total : 6 weeks and two brush-up days



The candidate for this pre-entry course must be holder of (at least) an ICAO PPL(H) license.


There are no credits possible for this course.

For an overview of Frequently Asked Questions, please check the FAQ page.



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